• Amber

"This is America!" -Childish Gambino

According to #TIME While hosting and performing on #SaturdayNightLive over the weekend, Donald Glover dropped a new song and music video under his stage name #ChildishGambino. Titled “This Is America,” the visually remarkable music video, which contains some graphic imagery, is a stirring commentary from Childish Gambino on the state of America as he dances with children in a warehouse in one moment then guns down a gospel choir in the next.

Blogger, Mariah Morgan explained how "he plays a Jim Crow caricature that shows plenty of symbolism through subtle nuances and direct distractions by entertaining through dance and trap lyricism. Trendy dancing and the glorification of materialism, while chaos, violence and death takes place around him and in our direct viewing. Desensitized as if the violence is non-existent or just a normal aspect of our daily lives. The last part...is mirroring how black ancestors attempted to escape chaos and death from former slave masters. Running through the darkness, with no real place to run to."

Check out the video here!


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