• Amber

THE CARTERS release Everything is Love!

To the Carters, Thank you. We love surprises from y'all! Today the Carters released their new hot world-stopping album Everything is Love and a music video for track, Apesh*t !

Without any advanced warning or promotion, The Carters (Beyonce...wink) continues to grab the world's attention with their artistry. Following their concert in London, they teased a collaborative album coming out soon. A large sign announced: “ALBUM OUT NOW.”

Their nine-track joint release, appeared initially only on the streaming service Tidal (owned in part by The Carters)at around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, more than 24 hours after most of this week’s new music, once again separating two of pop’s power players from the pack. AYYYYYYYE!

Wait! There's more good news! They also released a visual from their hot project for #Apesh*t. The video was directed by #RickySaiz and shot Paris' famous museum, #TheLouvre. Hov and Queen Bey hit up the historic art gallery with their #blackpeoplemagic performance before iconic art.  With dancers lining the Augustinian-inspired hallways of The Louvre, the Carters remind corporate America just how thorough they are as they address NFL and Grammy’s.

I said no to the Superbowl/You need me, I don’t need you/Every night we in the end zone/Tell the NFL we in stadiums too/Last night was a fucking zoo/Stagediving in a pool of people/Ran through Liverpool like a fucking Beatle/Smoke gorilla glue like it’s fucking legal/Tell the Grammy’s fuck that 0 for 8 shit

I absolutely love everything about this video. The imagery the women in durags to the shot of the man getting his hair cornrowed moved me so much. They're completely celebrating Black and African culture. When those beautiful black dancers performed a "Martha Graham plea" I screamed. (Sidenote: Martha Graham was inspired by the image of Mary holding Jesus when she created the plea.)

Throughout the album, duo reference everything from the beauty of Black love, to police brutality, to their naysayers, to mass incarceration, to #ESSENCE Fest and much more! I will definitely have this album on repeat.