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Experiental R&B artist, SZA, is booooooming everywhere! I even play her tracks throughout the week, and they keep me groooovin! Her lyrics are so visceral and just...REAL. She wears all her feelings on her sleeve and let's the audience in her heart and insecurites COMPLETELY.

Sza recently had a GQ interview with Mariah Smith and shared how she feels about being nominated at the #GRAMMYS and unfortunately not winning a single Grammy.

GQ: You said your Grammy nominations were the most surreal thing that’s happened to you in your career, so tell me about your first experience. You brought your mom and grandmother to the ceremony, which was really sweet. SZA: Definitely surviving the red carpet was wild. Like, standing still, not flinching and making weird faces.
Did you guys party afterwards? No, we definitely went back [to the hotel]. I smoked a bunch of blunts, showed Granny the penthouse I was staying in. My mom hung for a bit and then she went to bed! So that was cool.
People were pretty up in arms that you weren’t the biggest winner of the night. How did you feel coming out of that? I felt a shift. Like, I came a really long-ass way. I didn’t imagine this album doing much anyway. I was so grateful to even have been honored by being nominated and having so many people fuck with my music. I feel like at some point you start to get sucked up into the accolades and you’re like, Oh, this is what this is about, and this is what quantifies my success or me as an artist or a human being.
We reached a billion streams on Spotify. The United States fucks with my songs. We’re changing little girls’ lives across the world, and we didn’t even know what we were doing when we started. This is something much bigger than me and a fucking trophy. I’m appreciative of the opportunity. But shit happens.
Do you feel like your loss at the Grammys was not necessarily a wake-up call, but a reintroduction to why you got into making music in the first place? Kind of! Afterward I felt really free and light. It was super weird. I felt like I had all this weight off my shoulders. For certain things, maybe it’s worth really giving a fuck, but I still think it’s always worth giving a fuck. It’s just learning how to process the lesson, the opportunity, the gift of the moment, rather than just letting your ego dictate what it all means. That was hard, but it was a really beautiful lesson. I’m super grateful.
Did you write any speeches? I did not! I have a weird theory that had I written a speech, things would have went differently.
Are you serious? Yeah, but I think things were supposed to go the way they went. I did have a weird inkling to write a speech several times, and usually my inklings are popping! I’m learning myself and learning how to listen to myself. I didn’t make my album with the Grammys in mind, and I’m definitely not gonna make my second one with the Grammys in mind. I’m just gonna make really good fucking music and just try to touch people.

Continue to shine SZA. Your music goes far beyonce a award show. Thank you for your artistry! #WomensMonth #WomenEmpowerment #AlltheStars #BlackPanther #Wakanda #WakandaForever


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