• Amber

Mother-Daughter duo create #BlackPanther Shuri Doll!

Toya Moore-Broyles and her daughter IsaBella run the YouTube channel #MyFroggyStuff where they show their love for #Barbie dolls and creativity! I've been a huuuuuge Barbie fan since I can remember. When the #ScarySpice Barbie was released, I felt so thrilled to have a doll that looked like me in many ways. She was black, had an afro, cool outfits, crazy, and she was unique!

#MyFroggyStuff latest video shows how they morphed a Princess Tiana Doll into Black Panther's #PrincessShuri !! I've never been more excited to see a doll creation. My favorite part about the process was how they took the hair off and sewed in an entire new-do! They created braids, hair accessories, face paint, and the same white dress #LetitiaWright rocked in the historic film! Once again, this is a reminder of how much representation matters. So many girls are probably hoping that Mattel or Disney will release an official Princess Shuri doll!

I can't wait to see more from dynamic duo.