• Amber

Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Play Ursula in Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’

The deal is not yet completed, but #MelissaMcCarthy is in early talks to play the sea witch Ursula in the live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid.”

As Disney preps its live-action version of the undersea tale, there’s a lot of buzz about the cast. Disney and the production team behind it are looking to make contemporary and compelling casting choices, while still paying homage to the beloved animated original. A couple of days ago, Halle Bailey was announced as the new Ariel! She is a young beautiful black woman with glorious locs! I can't imagine the impact this will have on generations of black girls.

McCarthy, the multi-talented actress will get her chance at singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” one of the classic villain songs in the Disney archive. According to #Deadline Adapting classic animated pics into live-action features is a strategy that has been going strong for the studio, most recently with its live-action remake of “Aladdin,” which has grossed $820 million worldwide. The highly anticipated remake of “The Lion King” opens next month. McCarthy has built her career on adult comedies including “Spy,” “The Heat” and “Bridesmaids,” which earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. She was most recently seen in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” a dramatic turn that also earned her an Oscar nomination, this time for best actress.

I'm beyond excited to see her play an iconic villain in one of her firs family-friendly roles!!!