• Amber

#JerrodCarmichael Is Producing a Film About Legendary Harlem Fashion Designer #DapperDan

Harlem's iconic hiphop designer has been creating high-end designs for the streets for over three decades! According to #ESSENCE last year, luxury fashion house Gucci came under fire for cultural appropriation when some of its Resort/Cruise 2018 collection included a jacket that many felt was ripped straight from Dan’s closet.

After Dapper fanc slammed #GUCCI on the internet, Gucci finally gave Dapper Dan credit for their inspiration behind the line and reached out to work with the Harlem innovator. Dan formed a partnership with Gucci that led to a new Dapper Dan Harlem boutique!

“I have seen [echoes of] my work in various forms, with various companies,” Dan told GQ. “The only new idea that I had to get used to is getting credit for it! But social media was up in arms about it—you know, social media is new to me, so it all took me by surprise. But, no—I plan to just move ahead. Sometimes I would have to address it, in fairness to the public, but all in all, I'm very happy about the arrangement Gucci and I have.”

The drive to make sure Dapper Dan receives proper recognition as one of America’s trendsetters has resulted in an upcoming memoir and biopic. Produced by Sony, writer and comedian Jerrod Carmichael is working on a project that will bring Dapper Dan’s story to the #bigscreen. The film will be a “high-stakes coming-of-age story” and based on Dan’s forthcoming book. He’s ready to tell it all.

“It's time to tell all. From growing up with holes in my shoes and swimming in The Harlem River, to crossing The River Nile in Africa in search of my identity,” Dan wrote on Instagram. “I came from nothing, and God has blessed me with a partnership with Gucci, a book deal with Random House, and now a movie deal with Sony Pictures.
Harlem and Africa, through the grace of God, have shaped my life.”