• Amber

Fans still pressuring #Beyonce to open up!

Listen y'all, I'm tired of people messing with Beyonce. Leave her alone. PERIOD!

Alright, sooooo Queen Beyonce and Princess Blue were spotted out at the #ALLSTARS gme having Mommy-Daughter time. They were dressed up looking fabulous (As Always!) but fans started noticing a interesting detail: Beyonce used a #Snapchat filter that places fire emojis all over the screen. Some fans (Rolls eyes) started going crazy on social media begging Beyonce to release her Snap handle! Can Beyonce have anything to herself? Imagine being a superstar...THE SUPERSTAR of the world and people are still asking to know more about your personal life when you can barely walk down the street?!

Beyonce, I respect you keeping some things private. Quality of life before everything else goes a long way. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you sane...IM HERE FOR IT!