• Amber

Camille A. Brown on the cover of Dance Mag!

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

This #Queen's girl is on the cover of Dance Magazine! Did you catch this month's cover with Camille Brown striking her warrior queen pose?! She is choreographer of the hot Broadway revival, Once on This Island and is working on The Wiz at the Muny Theater in St. Louis June 19-25. ( I will be performing in the shooooow!) Camille never ceases to amaze me with her choreographer and endless imagination. She pays homage to all her ancestors in everything she does. She carries much humbleness, grace, humility, and a lot of power when she walks in the room.

Camille is the epitome of #Blackgirlmagic. Check out her post about this achievement among maaaaaaany!

If you told 18 year old Camille - the girl who struggled with weight issues, who was constantly sent to the nutritionist, who (at times) was not invited to audition for choreographers in college because she was told the costume wouldn't fit, who cried and cried because she was never going to attain the "ideal dancer" image would be on the cover of Dance Magazine on her own terms and in her own style, she wouldn't believe you. It would seem impossible. Whenever I was down and feared I would never make it as a dancer, my mom would remind me of a story from when I was a little girl . She was teaching me how to tie my shoelaces, I wasn't getting it and got very frustrated. She told me I could take a break and we would try again later. She walked away but noticed that I was still working on my shoelaces and didn't finish until I tied them. She still tells that story to remind me of the perseverance I had, even as a child. Thanks, Mom! To the people who struggle to find their place in the dance world, believe that you can create your own path and space for yourself. Don't give up. Dance your dance. Tell your story. Be brave. Find a way to turn rejection into liberation. Stand, walk, run, fall...stand, walk, run, FLY! YOU might be the person you've been waiting for. Special thanks to Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Daniel Aukin, Rickey Tripp, and Juel D. Lane for their generous contributions to this story. Theresa Ruth Howard, THANK YOU for your care and love writing this story. It's not often I read about my own choreographic journey and you wrote it with love, clarity, and...and...and...I am always blown away by the brilliance of your writing. YOU BAD, sis!!! YOU ARE sisterhood! This is a dream and you've made it magnificent! Shout out to my crew who helped make the photo shoot a success: Mayte Natalio (stylist), Catherine Foster, Theresa Ruth Howard, Juel D. Lane, and Carolyn DeVore. People always ask what I would say to my younger self. Here are a couple things: "Keep pushing", "Don't give up", "Believe", "Dream Big", "Fight" and now I add "You can't be stopped. You are unsinkable!" Check out the "Wakanda" pose (article)! I took this before the movie came out. I was ahead of the curve lol

Read full article here: http://www.dancemagazine.com/camille-a-brown-2545071257.html