• Amber

#BlackWomen in #Hollywood Awards!!

I dream of being honored at Essence's Black Women in Hollywood Oscars Luncheon. Every year, I look forward to seeing all the pictures and videos of so many beautiful & powerful black women in one space honoring each other! This year, Essence honored #DanaiGurira, #TessaThompson, #LenaWaithe, #TiffanyHaddish and (THE) #AngelaBassett! I'm sure there were a lot fo tears, joy, and laughter! The event was hosted by #YvonneOrji and will air on OWN Saturday, March 3!!

Danai also talked about the power that Black Panther is having on young children.

“Sometimes I forget what it was like to be that young, to struggle in your own skin that much,” she said. “To grapple with a world system that was clearly not made with us in mind. To be unsure of your place in this realm, of how you will ever find it or how you will ever like yourself, let alone love yourself.”

Read more about this #BLACKGIRLMAGIC : https://theundefeated.com/whhw/essence-magazine-black-women-in-hollywood-oscar-event/

Photography by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Essence